Cover That Whole Dance Floor

Cover That Whole Dance Floor

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Was listening to a song I liked back in the early 80's and thought of this. Needs music and vocals.


Cover That Whole Dance Floor
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I got a hole in my pocket
I ain't got no dough
But I'm still gonna do it
Yeah I'm gonna put on a show

I got no fancy clothes
Got no dancin' shoes
It's still gonna happen
Cause I don't like the blues

I'm gonna rock and gonna dance
And I'm gonna find me a real romance
It don't matter a bit that I'm poor
I'm gonna show 'em what these feet are for
Cause I'm gonna cover the whole dance floor

I don't yet got me a girl
I don't have no fancy car
But I know that's gonna change
Tonight's the night I go far

I got nobody to impress
And I got no slick hat
But you know it's gettin' better
I'm gonna strut like an old tom cat

Repeat chorus

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Cool lyrics! Can see this being a hit similar to the 80s vibes going on as you hinted ode to, lovely stuff and I’m especially fond of the chorus!

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This is fantastic Cindy! I like the confidence and the spirit that is conveyed. The cadence is perfect and this would have a great rockabilly feel that would make others want to dance. I hope it will get some music!

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okay! rocakabilly! I'll do it if you like! (piano/voice anyway)

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"I'm gonna cover the whole dance floor" -- great line! Looking forward to the song.