Good Trouble

Good Trouble

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Liner Notes: 

My entry to the current Songfight -

Making good use of my gorgeous old National resonator on this one.


I’m just another poor sinner
Working on the land
I got holes in my shoes
And dirt on my hands
Guess I ain’t come a long way
From where I began

I had no ma or papa
To teach me right from wrong
By the time I was talking
They was both long gone
So when it comes to education
That’s where you came along

They call you good trouble
And that’s exactly what you are
You got the looks of an angel
But a cold black heart

You take all my money
And spend it on yourself
Shoes, drink and
But precious else
But you won’t hear me complaining
If I know what’s good for my health

You won’t get a job
Cos that just ain’t no fun
Your idea of loyalty
Is looking out for number one
When I see you with some other man
I hold my tongue

They call you good trouble
You’re all cheating and lies
But then you smile so sweetly
And fix me with innocent eyes

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This is fab, although I was expecting it to go the John Lewis route. But I like this too! That resonator is sweet! You play it very well. I like the heavy down beat groove you've got going and the harmonica is a nice touch.

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Wow! What a fantastic gorgeous groove! Love that resonator sound and riff. The claps/snaps and shaker are perfect percussion choices. Love that harmonica too. The words are great - so many images and great attitude and insight! Love this song!

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So fabulous! I love those snaps and harmonica! Good one!

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Wow, this is fantastic! Perfect! Your "pickin'", the vocal--and I LOVE the lyrics. Very authentic roots music!