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Liner Notes: 

Just written to the challenge brief. unlike most of my poems I did sit and try to juggle lins and really work on this.. I'm not sure if the end words.. I'm really not trying to be glib.. so maybe I'll come back to this and reowork some more.
Yes, I did use the word "poem".. the truth is, that for some time, the aspect of my work that is words have taken over - and sometimes they become part of a musical thing and sometimes they don't. Generally if its gonna be a song, it'll emerge alongside music, or with a beat in the background (I'll often write to a beat) .. but it doesn't always follow. I've written a lot of free form stuff int eh past few years.. with long poetic rambles coexisting nicely over the top (voice only - no melody) of track


You think you can hide behind the mask
I'm gonna take you to task!
I know what lurks beneath the cotton sheath
That covers barely all your teeth-

The veil of half-protection the hope to curb infection
To keep the germs within this section

Flipping over ears with relative ease.
Flick past 'em, not passed on, "No need for these!"
Now we bin our gloves, say "bye" and smiles that tease
"I'll get you yet" says virus, mocking from a chink, reverberating
"I'm everywhere", as you grab the handle of our door sneaking out to mock - as you dig for keys.
"I'm everywhere, and now I'm here on these"

In the kitchen bin it lies unimpressive
Flaccid and barely connecting with the trash - non-agressive
It lies barely touching the wrappers, plasticy coffee grounds, receipts for cash.
It lies with the lemon halves carefully juiced into hummus for healthy snacks
We're all dieting now, bracing ourselves for attacks!

A virus emanating through you or round you
Or in the sneakiest ways that just might astound you
Despite this bluish, whitish, cottonish membrane
Representing the unthinkable (for some) threat that will not wane.
Despite words being mouthed (sound-off, and subtitled) by news-readers
Who report on the antics of the politicians - who fast-tracked to honest jacks
Dropping the masquerade that there are those who could lead us.

We're all doubting now unmasked by anxiety
In our (potentially) worst hours, we embrace society.

We are all doused in your out-breaths and besmirched by the ins
We are all once-used and discarded, and who knows this wins..

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This is a very poetic lyric, but I don't see why it can't work as a lyric as well. Or like you mentioned as a spoken word piece behind some music. You use some very descriptive language and some good rhyming.