Gebed vir Libanon(Prayer for Libanon)

Gebed vir Libanon(Prayer for Libanon)

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Gebed vir Libanon-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

adapted from a prayer/song request from a member Reema Shalabi​ of my #SpeakAfrikaansEasily group I started. She lives in Israel and the commotion in Libanon in her neighboring country is very upsetting.
This is in Afrikaans- because we are learning it...
Prayer for Lebanon

Our Father
Everything happens with Your permission
Oh Lord I trust in you
You are the master planner
Please Lord
Please help the people of Lebanon
Save them
If this is a war
Let it come to an end.

I pray for you
All my brothers and sisters in Lebanon
May God be merciful to you
I pray for you
To stay strong
Do not lose hope
Always remember that when God brings you to new challenges
He will either teach you to fly or catch you himself
I wish you health
and that it will go well with you



Gebed vir Libanon: lyrics adapted from Reema Shalabi​

Onse Vader
Alles gebeur met U toestemming
Ag Here ek vertrou op u
U is die meesterplanmaker
Asseblief Here
Help asseblief die mense van Libanon
Red hulle
As hierdie ‘n oorlog is
Laat dit tot ‘n einde kom.

Ek bid vir julle
Al my broers en susters in Libanon
Mag God teenoor julle genadig wees
Ek bid vir julle
Om sterk te bly
Moenie hoop verloor nie
Onthou altyd dat as God jou tot by nuwe uitdagings bring
Hy jou of sal leer vlieg of self sal vang
Ek wens julle toe gesondheid
en dat dit met julle goed sal gaan


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A respectful prayer, may your words be heard by one and all. I'm non religious but have been brought up to respect religion and prayer, and this gave me hope for the future of Libanon. I do wish to write some prayers of my own, I don't mean to disrespect in any way as a non-practicer of faith, but the emotion and feeling I get from this as well as the many relgious messages I see every day, I'm easily touched by words of faith, and it compells me to write respectable prayers as, sorta my own take on the power of the word....All the best to you and your friends Smile

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timely and gently said. irrelevant of any religious beliefs we all feel for them in our own way! beautifully done

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Beautiful song, Marthie! Lovely (and, obviously, topical) sentiment.

As always, you have the piano accompaniment PERFECT for conveying your lovely lyrics and supporting your incredible voice.