Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

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Liner Notes: 


over on bourbon street
no one hides they faces
of former or future glory
we can see all the traces

over on bourbon street
ain't nobody races
we got it made and
we never even left the starting gate

gonna watch it wind around
see it all go up or down
gonna sip that lemonade
sitting smoking in the shade

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Graceville's picture

oh wow, dirty sound, well played, gets brutal and merciless, it's perfect. I like the universe you describe here, like an american Penny Lane.

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I like the combination of gritty blues and electronic rock in this track. It's got a really engaging, fresh sound. Great vocals, as well!

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So cool, blitzblues on a big bouncy hollow steel ball bass. That breakdown at the end is electrified electrifying, and that vocal is stylistic honey. We must evolve. Listening to your sound evolve over the past decade (we're getting older) has been one of my great musical pleasures and treasures. Well done, great to see you here again this summer. Hugs.