Hey Simp

Hey Simp

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Liner Notes: 


hey simp
where you going on the internet
going over to twitch.tv
some of these streamer gals are the best yet
gonna give all my money
feels a little bit real
without any risk
and giving that money away
is an endorphine rush
until the aftermath when my soul feels crushed
but that's the way it is
you know a simp's life ain't easy
gotta take care of the ladies of the internet
the next one i'm sure will be the best one yet

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Gotta give dem moneyz to dem pretty wominz. I've read the lyrics, haven't listened to the music due to it being early in the morning here.... but this gave me a chuckle and the memes shines through! Well done on the well handled tactful interpretation of simp life Wink