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Liner Notes: 

let's call this 'typhoon'... save the backing track... a couple of days later when it's time to write the lyrics... ooh let's make it about a schwinn typhoon!

this one has a 'set solo' at the beginning... supposed to be played note for note on the guitar... then, a bit further in... a totally impromptu space for the guitar... whatever happens, happens... then, the rest of the song...

video: https://youtu.be/RvaMvCITp1E


i don't know about other people
but i've always tried to figure out what it is i like
what it is i want

and if by the universe my desires are denied
then god is teaching me some sort of lesson

i don't understand
but it's time to stand up
and take it like a man

why can't things be simple
like when i was a kid with a schwinn typhoon
banana seat, sissy bar, 20" tires
single speed
what else could a person ever want or need

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Cool guitar stuff, I think it's guitar, a climbing arpeggio riff. Lots of cool sounds stacked up here. The chorus/trem guitar in the break.

A bit of dystopian lounge vocal...

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haha, thanks for the insight into some process......I always enjoy hearing what everyone else does............whaddya mean you didn't agonize over this for days/weeks/months/////years even? hahaha

I think this would of been a sure casualty of overthought..........Typhoon, great title from the sound, like where you went with it lyrically too
pack a lot into this short lyric...really well done!, another thing could of went astray, feeling the need to over-explain takes anyone elses thoughts away, I don't like that hahaha.......ahhhh the freedom of a bike Biggrin