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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: Andy sent me 7 random tracks, which I promptly mutilated, then tried feebly to piece back together. Funny thing is, I always bug him about sending me tracks played to a click, and then when he does, I take it and make it all out of time. Hahahaha! Love you, Andy!

AndyGetch: Adnama17 took my seven stuck-for-something-semi-mundane, sorta-syncopated tracks, and made sonic-sense and super-syncopation out of them!



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Gosh I feel like I'm at my grandfather's place; he used to repair clocks so his place was full of that ticking sound.
I really like the sparseness of this.
Yeah, that was great.
Really nice collab!

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This is interesting. I was worried myself waking up to TORRENTIAL rain on my roof--and worrying about whether that was going to be too noisy to record today.

Meanwhile, you guys made a song out of it. I mean, it's not exactly TORRENTIAL--but it's rain. Very intriguing stuff.

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Love all the sonic textures and the contrasts! There is all manner of music from rain, and This brought that across. Enjoyed the intermittent zinging sound cutting across the milky smooth quiet of the xylophone metronome. I was truly sorry when the track ended; the mental/sensory stimulation felt great! I will say I felt my mind was almost physically stretched as the panning split so dramatically; an odd sensation! Thumbs up!

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Nice little melody that plays throughout, cool stereo-rain effects. I think I hear a music box and banjo. Sounds like a William S. Burroughs approach to songwriting.