I'm Going To See My Beloved

I'm Going To See My Beloved

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Liner Notes: 

Lyrics by Andy Getch, Music by Alex Klages

metalfoot notes:
Andy asked if we could collab multiple times during 50/90. This is a down payment on that ask. Andy wrote this lyric for me based on a little bit of my history.
I'm in a bit of a mental hole at the moment but nothing 6 days on the road (I'magonnamakeithometonight) can't fix.


I’m Going To See My Beloved

Its a long drive
Ontario to Maryland
Can’t wait to arrive
Cause I know that then

I’m going to see my beloved
I’ve got to see my beloved
I love to see my beloved

Crossing the borderline
Nearby Niagara Falls
See all the signs
Hearing my dear one call

Repeat chorus

Northwest Pennsylvania
219 is windy
Twisting round the peaks
Of the Alleghenys
Its a long journey
St. Catharines to Baltimore
Totally worth it to be
In my beloved arms once more

Optional to repeat chorus

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This is good. When I hear your voice and melody I hear a band and a whole lot of other harmonies. The chords could be different, but the voice and melody, man, spot on, great art!

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I really love this. The simple heartfelt longing and desire and the details of the journey. Feels so honest. The guitar and melody match the lyrics so perfectly! Really lovely feeling created. I find myself drawn into the musical journey!

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Such a big, joyful sounding song. Nice collab, both!

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LOVE. That 12 string sounds AMAZING. Those mmmmmms really make this yummy too. That break at 2:25... YES! I love how I can follow your path home with the lyrics.

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this song feels just how i used to feel when i was a senior in high school taking th bus from seattle to vanctt,ouver to spend weekends with my girlfriend. although your song had not yet been written, it was the sound in my head on those trips across the canadian border.

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Ah, a road song. Now I have to do one. Where in Maryland? I'm in the DC area--but, you know, very social distancing. Smile

This is a great, great folk song--puts me in a mood, listening from the back of the bar to you up on the stage performing it.

VERY nice!

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mmmm. I can see the road. Night. ? I think of all the years, decades, I drove immense distances outback and interstate solo, and returning home had this feel. Great collab, and the voice has that yearning feel just right. Excellent! Great collab, and I'm downloading this too!

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Sounds like the kind of thing I might have heard on the radio back when I was a kid. Beloved is a great word and a great hook

Chip Withrow's picture

Aaaahhh ... a pure, classic folk-rock love song. Sounds so good, reminds me of hearing songs like this on the radio as a kid. I love the geographical details and clever rhymes. Excellent collab!

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Nice collaboration guys. Good lyrics, good rhythm, good vocal delivery. Love the chorus -- Quite catchy and hummable.