I Promise It Won't Be A Waste Of Your Time

I Promise It Won't Be A Waste Of Your Time

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Cindy for another fantastic country lyric. Im keeping the music simple so it doesnt get in the way of the words


Always on the sidelines
Never front and center
Reckon I'll bide my time
Dreamin' of some splendor

Always an afterthought
Never your first choice
I think maybe you aught
Start givin' me a voice

I'm right here
And better than anyone
I can sure show you
The best way to have fun
Come over for a taste
And I promise it won't be a waste of your time

I'll give you a little time
Cause you look so fine
But don't wait too long
Or I'm gone...so gone

Always in the background
Takin' me for granted
Honey if you come round
I'll show you what's been planted

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Hey this is my type of lyric :-). Got a melancholy style. Nice sparse guitar, which is actually very pretty. Nice one.

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wow! Love that sort of whine in your voice! Great guitar and perfect feel to what I imagined. Reminds me a bit of Johnny Cash. Thank you!

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You can really feel the loneliness of the narrator - the vocals are perfect, and the little guitar fills work great. Nice sad song for sundown in summer!

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Oh I loved these lyrics when I first read them and I am so glad, Bill, that you brought them to life with your wonderful country lament. Love the emotion in your vocals on this!

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This could be a classic...the expressive lyric by Cindy tailored to the plaintive melody by Bill...so many ways to interpret this fine song...

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Enjoyable, a fine performance of those lyrics, always dig your guitar and vocals.

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Oooooh...I especially loved Bill's "I'm right here..." in the chorus--THAT is how you sing a chorus, my friend.

Great lyrics Cindy, as always, and this one turned into a terrific song. Great performance, Bill--I missed this apparently when you first put it out, so I'm glad I'm digging through your "back catalog".