Dirt Poor

Dirt Poor

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Liner Notes: 

From something Marthie said, I remembered an old song I wrote ten years ago. I found it, and changed quite a bit of it.


Dirt Poor
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I heard it many times
Memories of Mom and Dad
Growing up in the Depression
The dirt poor lives they had

My Dad told of eating possum
When there was nothing else
What they lacked in money
Was love beyond all wealth

They were dirt poor
Had a dirt floor
But their blessings sure were many
They all knew
They had to make do
Everyone saving their pennies

They talked of eating cornbread
With milk from their old cow
They talked of no shoes to wear
And fields to weed and plow

Mom wore feed sack dresses
Dad worked for a dollar a day
Despite the trials and tribulations
They wouldn’t have it any other way

Repeat chorus

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