Grave Robber

Grave Robber

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Liner Notes: 

Another ghost one. I love reading about them!


Grave Robber
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Jean Baptiste
Was a gravedigger
In the Great Salt Lake region

No one knew
How he was wealthy
Until they found the reason

He'd been robbing graves
And selling the jewelry
And even wearing the clothes

They banished him
To a small lake island
That is now home to his ghost

Don't go near the southern shore
Of the Great Salt Lake at night
You might just see his roaming ghost
Holding rotten clothes real tight
The grave robber gets no rest
He walks until first light

Mr. Baptiste was greedy
Took everything he could
Threw the stripped bodies back in

He didn't think they'd need
Their rings and clothes anymore
So he decided that he'd cash is

Repeat chorus

He wore a suit to court
He'd dug up one night
Thinking no one would care

But it was a storekeeper's
Burial suit
That he had the nerve to wear

Repeat chorus

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great story. i especially love the chorus. the end llooks as thoough you mught have left the final words off

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What a great story! Love all the detail in this one. Haunting but also a little humorous.