Food money

Food money

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Food money-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

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so I am a parent of a first year university student whoi has been in lockdown in our house since March(after tasting 2 months of freedom). Two days ago he moved back into res and I worry about him having food and he would answer my text messages... so I warned him I am going to write a song about it... but man how does the idea change the next day- because he is ok for food money but what about all the other children? and the headmaster once mentioned the prepare the child for the road not visa versa so I like it that I could bring that in and how money becomes food and the future... This is my new favourite


Send the poor child food money
1. Send the poor child
Fooood money
Money for food
He says he is hungry
He says he is in the mood

2. If you send the poor child
Fooood money
Money for food
He won’t bother you no more
And that’s good

3. Send the poor child
Fooood money
money for food
he says he is working on his future
and that’s what your food will do

Food money
Money for food
There is no other way to raise children
It’s just an old fashioned way

Bridge: To make them
go go go
Prepare the road for the child?
No no no
Prepare the child for the road…
Then he will go- you will see- on his own

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"and that's what your food will do"

as one who has waged his slave for years feeding people in restaurants, I'm in the song. These are heartfelt and meaningful lyrics and I like the pentatonic feel and rhythm juxtaposed with the piano major feel.

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I can absolutely see why this is a favorite, Marthie. Not only is the song very catchy, but you really understand how important the most basic thing in life is, in order to live.
My wife and all her sisters feel that life revolves around food, which is proven over and over again at every family picnic. LOL
I'm happy to know your son is doing well at University, and I wish him every success.

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Yep parenting one OH one, the things you do when you think - It is what they should do!