We would be

We would be

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We would be-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

well it's a simple song: reframing the ordinary stuff we should be thankful for , I guess...


We would be

What if all the money was paid back
And our debts were forgiven
What if we could love each other
And care about our well-being

What if we lived in Africa
As wide as my spirits is-free
What if we were all earth lovers
And oxygen was free

Chorus: We would be a family of brothers
A circle of friends
Sisters of the same mother
All a heaven-sent
We would be

What if you could look much deeper
And see the me behind my eyes
What if you could find what’s hidden
A heart unsure of what the future holds

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This is nice, a lot of questions with just one answer, I like that. Nice melody and chords.

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A beautiful uplifting masterpiece! Love that melody. Gorgeous!