0950902020 Don't Let Them Know What You're Here For

0950902020 Don't Let Them Know What You're Here For

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Liner Notes: 

Best thing I made in months, beyond 5090, but it's been more than 24 hours now and not a single comment. I listened to it 50 times today. At least one person likes it, and that's me. The dynamic aspect, the breaks, the theme in the guitar and the hammond. My drummer doesn't like it, found it a bit messy, but the product is not the focus, the idea is.

I think this one was inspired by the male caracter in 'A star is born'. What a s**** movie, but some elements struck me good!

I imagine him being there for the fans but really playing a role being nice all day long, he is there for moeny obviously too - and a reason to get loaded.



think talk breathe walk
don’t let them know what you’re here for
don’t let them know what you’re here for
in out let them scream and shout

you feel like a cliche
like that old bob seeger song
have to do this just to get along
do you even know what you’re here for
you don’t know who they cheer for

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Lots of cool dynamics here, the busy interludes and the stripped-down verses. The dynamics are everything, and the variety with the guitar and hammond trading.

So your back story helps a bit, but it's possible this song is not easy for people to connect with? My life experience has been bar crowds who are talking to each other not focused on the musicians and not screaming unless a bar fight is brewing or the staff is kicking them out...

I like the ending, the sudden blackout.

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Ooh, nice. The guitars and organ are great, and all the layered musical breaks are really dynamic--easy to just close your eyes and get into it. I also like that the verses are a little more stripped down to focus on the lyrics. Really enjoyed this.

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Hmmm...that ending. Abrupt but effective. Was that intentional? There are indeed quite a bit of dynamics playing about, but I have to say the Hammond - guitar trade offs are pretty nice in the Bose. I dig your vocals, too. You got some power in them pipes, dude. Overall I think the song is accessible and definitely deserves a wider audience.