Escape Route

Escape Route

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Liner Notes: 

This song almost certainly has been written many times already, but the words poured out of me and who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. I had grand plans for the demo, but this is what time allowed.

Bari uke D A A D, the third of the alternate tuning suite.


He was one in a million, a casualty
Of passing time where his life should be
A pastoral painting in a wooden frame
And every day was just the same
Til one day it straight made him shout
He knew he had to find an escape route

He started looking far and wide
For someone who shined from the inside
And when he found her, he just fell
And all the world he had to tell
He said "Babe I'm looking for a way out"
"Can you help me find my escape route?"

"No map no compass only the stars
And earth and heaven will be ours
If only you will come and set me free"

They laughed and they played and they had their fun
But it wasn't her in the long run
He found another woman who was bright and fine
He swung through women like vine to vine
And he never felt a minute of doubt
He had found his escape route

No map no compass no thought of cost
That's how you end up hopelessly lost
And that's the way the world comes crashing down

And his woman back home, she didn't even cry
Just a foggy mist in the back of her eye
She watched him travel on his downward track
And she knew he wasn't ever coming back
Come to think of it he always had one foot out
Always looking for that escape route

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Americana is a term widely used these days but this is right in the centre of that genre. I can see the americana scene that goes with this! Very enjoyable.

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Brilliant writing and performance as usual. Those harmonies are super sweet, and the lyrics really bring the imagery of the story to life. Really nice work.

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Very well done lyric, I like the ending a lot -- seems very believable -- and I really enjoyed your performance.

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Another lovely tune, excellent lyrics, super performance.

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fine storytellng with a perspective turnaround that deepens the lyric. my favorite aamong many great lines is.."And his woman back home, she didn't even cry
Just a foggy mist in the back of her eye" i also ike your phrasing on the title phrase, the way the melody is almost resolved before you surprise with the slowball clincher.

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Oh yum. This is simply gorgeous. Superb performance of a tight piece of writing. I love this. Smile

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The harmonies are wonderful. Another great song, Carley.

See You In The Shadows…

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Great folk songs are all about interpreting familiar narratives in a way that makes you sit up and relate. Really masterful lyrics here--I especially like "he swung through women like vine to vine." Beautiful vocals and bari uke!

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Really special. There's wandering in the tone and spirit of the song. The vocal harmonies in the chorus are divine. Always had one foot out is just magic. Great great work, again. Talent here.
Thanks so much for your kind words on my #2. Smile

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Great song-- the tuning, the lyrics, the tune itself. It sounds like a classic folk song without copying any of the old standards. Great work!

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Wow, I'm glad I found you (saw your forum post on the window swap link, thx for that too btw). Gorgeous sound, such a clear and pure voice, you're a fantastic singer! Really good tune and lyric as well and like your use of alternate tuning, the accompaniment sounds great too. I live about an hour away from where the Walnut Valley Festival is held each year (canceled this year due to the pandemic). Your song reminds me so much of the great music I often hear there.