A life in the day of...

A life in the day of...

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Liner Notes: 

Bass first because the five note motif on the hang that starts and ends the piece was originally going to be on the bass...

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Stellar musicianship on this. The themey five note run made sense to me and I wondered where it was going to go. That bass tone makes me weep!

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This is so very beautiful Smile Thank you for sharing with us all. I love it Smile

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Love love love this. The synth breakdown made me laugh out loud, such a delightful change! Second the killer bass tone. I love how the theme comes back round at the end. Really stellar tune.

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That was a Deloreon ride to the 80s for me. The synth parts are almost as emotive as if one were playing keys through a talkbox. That was a great ride. My only niggle--- it was too short.

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I like that we don't quite know who or what is the subject of this "Day in the life" song. You've got some lovely sounds put together on this one, DD. That bass is just glorious & all those synths make this majestic. Wonderful track!

See You In The Shadows…

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Slick funky and so very accomplished, my friend. Another dd magic carpet ride. Bravo.

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Lovely fusion of styles. I love all those close voicings of extended chords on the keys, very much my jam.