I'm Burnin' Up

I'm Burnin' Up

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Liner Notes: 

This idea came along with my coffee. Love to have someone do this one. Just let me know.


I'm Burnin' Up
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You were a hard catch
Kept pushin' me away
But when you lit my match
I wanted no more delay

My heart began racin'
My longin' was intense
I was tired of the chasin'
Couldn't take no more suspence

My heart's in my hand
My mind's on you
Ain't nobody else
Do me like you do
Come on baby
Kiss me and hold me tight
I want to love you
All through the night

You took me down
And I'm burnin' up

Every night's like the first one
Every day it get's stronger
We keep havin' fun
You have me conquered

Can't think of anythin'
Cause you fill up my mind
You're like a hot spring
And I am confined

Repeat chorus

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Another great set of lyric. These are steamy but still really playful. Very nice job!