The Uniondale Ghost

The Uniondale Ghost

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Liner Notes: 

Die Spook van Uniondale is famous in South Africa... Glad we get to cover one that's local to Africa!


The Uniondale Ghost
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Near Easter in 1968
A young couple was on a drive
And though the young man lived
His fiancee didn't survive

Near the town of Uniondale
On the winding roadway
Her ghost is still seen at night
So the ones that know her say

She asks for a ride
She'll open your door
Right by your side she'll be
Then in one quick second
According to legend
She vanishes easily
Vanishes so easily

Sometimes you'll hear her laughter
Chills will climb your spine
You won't be the same after
Once you cross over that line

Those who've given her a ride
Warn others of doing the same
If you see her drive on past
That Uniondale ghost of fame
Repeat chorus

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You are so good at ghost songs! Makes me want to write more! Hauntingly beautiful! Thank you!

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her vanishing easily gives this highway ghost story an original twist. il like the way the musicfades away at the end, just like the vanishung ghost.

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An appropriately haunting delivery. Once again, you have breathed a life into Cindy's words that I was simply unable to see in a read-through. Both music and lyrics bolster each other to create a ghost tale that is greater than the sum of its parts.

I enjoyed the way the lines quickly flicker in and disappear with the music; a perfect fit for the theme.

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I know it's going to be a good day when @coolparadiso drops a podcast AND Marthie and Cindy drop a collaboration. Not familiar with the story behind this one--is there a movie?

Perfection, as usual. Love it, love it, love it. (I will be honoring it by dropping my VERY FIRST heavy metal song in the next few minutes!)