Who Will Tend Her Roses

Who Will Tend Her Roses

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wow editing the song two days after I composed it is a really touching experience. Good job on the lyrics Cindy


Who Will Tend Her Roses
© 2020 Cindy Prince

She is getting up in years now
Doesn't want to die alone
Loves her garden and roses
Loves her cottage home

She can still manage fairly well
If she doesn't hurry round
She worries what will happen
After she is heaven bound

Who would tend her roses
Would they just dry up and die
Would anyone even notice
When they'd drive by
Who would water them carefully
Who would whisper to them
Who would treat each one personally
Time and time again
Who would tend her roses...roses

Her roses have kept her going
Since her husband passed away
They are her pride and joy
And she talks to them every day

She tries not to think about it
No use worrying every day
Maybe someone will someday
Put roses on her grave
Repeat chorus

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I'm in total awe Marthie! Extraordinary performance! Than you!

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Sweet, sad and touching. Congratulations to you both for this warm sad song. Marthie, the way you created/handle the chorus is just sublime. (Even if i had the voice, the choke factor would wipe me out). Most of my older friends are gone, or going now, and this encapsulates so much of the end. Applause!! [EDIT I think this is the best song I've heard to date in 5090. Lyrics and music both.]

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Ah, another collaboration by my 5090 Goddesses...

Lovely, lovely, lovely lyrics. Marthie's voice and arrangement REALLY bring this story home.

I remain in awe. Keep them coming!!

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My word, this is gorgeous. That lilting Chorus brought a shiver down my spine (literally; I'm not saying this for rhetorical effect) and brought a swell to the ol' tearducts.

The delivery allowed me to engage with, and appreciate, Cindy's lyrics on a level I simply could not if I only read them. It helped me see just how beautiful they are - and how much wisdom they hold in their simple phrasing.The slough of rhetorical questions in the chorus all land so painfully (in a good way).

I can see why this was a recommended song. Wonderful job, both of you.

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I loved this Lyric and it was perfect for Marthie. Lovelly collab.

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I don't cry that easy but this got me going...tremendous words by Cindy and wonderful music by Marthie...

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everybody here has said it aready, but i second all motions. this is a marvelous collaboration, near perfection from both ends of the court. my favorite collaboration so far this season.

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What beautiful music to light up these wonderful words by Cindyrella. Very touching, so well done.

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What a beautiful song. The lyrics are immediately accessible and the playing is gorgeous. Loving this collab.