0850902020 Fortunate Son

0850902020 Fortunate Son

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Liner Notes: 

I feel that I'm cleaning up my ideas, getting them off my shoulder. Mentally I'm preparing for the perfect wave. I've done it before.

Hope you can tell that I'm watching GOT at the moment. 1st season.


well my fortunate son
you are the chosen one
though the son of a farmer
in shining arms and armour

raise your sword
against the dehumanised scum

follow the folklore, the course is set
no point in turning back
remember what the wise man said

I don’t want to kill no more
to hell with this old folklore
I never asked to be chosen
I never asked to be born
I never asked for anything

my heart is torin into pieces
just leave me alone

well my fortunate son
you are the chosen one
don’t do what I do but do as I say
pick up your sword and be on your way

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This is really interesting, sonically speaking. Rich and lush and dripping with reverb, just how I like it. The fact that I can't identify what it is that's being used to make those occasional atmospheric chords really adds to the experience. Not too sure about the two vocal lines fighting each other briefly at around 2:26, but that's just being picky.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the human being in the Western world who has yet to watch GOT, but I've read the books and I get the references. Smile

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This is quite a seductive groove. I love the quiet power of the piece. At certain points, repetition of the little musical motif makes for a hypnotic effect. The vocal is superb. I found myself just listening to it as an instrument without hearing words. Mmm...I'm loving the way you're bringing this to a close. I know what you mean about cleaning up your ideas. I've got so much crud on my shoulder I can't see anymore. This is a pretty nice wave, however: no need to wait

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I was just making coffee and found myself humming bits of your song, 15 minutes after listening to it. It really does work its way into one's brain Smile

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I LOVE the music bed here--just the perfect amount of reverb and REALLY interesting sounds. I would have balanced the verse vocals louder (just from a technical point of view), but that's a matter of taste and the chorus volume is perfect.

Great, great job on this!