Logic Music B

Logic Music B

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Liner Notes: 

I need music for my logic lecture videos. This is the first attempt. Used mostly the Spitfire Orchestra thing. I'm posting this mainly because it's the closest thing to music I've done in a week. Online teaching sucks bigly.


Aren't any. :)

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has that gamalan feel. and the phrasing shifts of Philip Glass. enjoyable listening - nice one

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Starts off reminding me of an accompaniment to a Mack Sennett silent, but goes in a whole other direction that becomes increasingly ominous, despite the insistence of the perky celeste (?) that everything's fine. Loving the horns.

Online learning? Aye. That was my bag, back in the day. Most folk try Zoom, and crash and burn (and I did some lucrative consultancy work last month advising a company who had done exactly that, and were panicking.)

There are much better alternatives; Klaxoon is a good way of interspersing the pedagogy with a bit of fun with online polls and votes and what-not. I've used it for >100 participants at conferences and it worked like a charm. Promote makes managing assignments and scheduling a bit less scattershot, but there's a lot of admin required to get the most out of it. Happy to chat offline if you want some more suggestions...

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Imagines a raucous guitar solo and Paul Westerberg teaching online.......