Burying My Whole Soul in the Ground

Burying My Whole Soul in the Ground

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pluckin up the grass tonight
chop logs and won't freeze
in the forest I'm the first in line
step up the soil is free

and I'll be burying my whole soul in the ground
I still aim
for lavender wings
woke in a radial fire
orphaned on the road
puddles and stone
withered and alone
going down slow
in a secretive code

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love the sound of the guitar - intriguing lyrics, and engaging melody and performance - strange and lovely

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I just HAVE to get away from my "realistic lyrics" and start doing some of this poetry and imagery. LOVE these lyrics and your guitar playing and vocal are perfect.

Another one of yours that I think is terrific!

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I love the imagery in your lyrics. Melodically engaging--a bit mysterious and unexpected. I only wished it were longer!