0750902020 You can say what you want

0750902020 You can say what you want

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Liner Notes: 

Had a few discussions today on the Internet about how Google blocked all Danish Youtube content because of a dispute with the Danish copyright organisation.

Google benefits from scism like oil companies benefit from unstable states, and now a lot of (usually) young people in Denmark seems to know everything about it. Their music got blocked by Youtube but they think it was the copyright organisation who did this.

Now I'm just fed up with people who dont know anything but pretend they do know a lot.

Am I getting old?


You just say what you want

whatever occurs in you head
is what has to be said
when it’s out it must be true
your rightness - your world view

You just say what you want

What am I to you
if not an equal opponent
I see the cognitive bias effect
you’re a idiocy exponent

what you gonna do with experts
you don’t need their boomer attitude
you just want an A for effort
but you think it’s misunderstood as ingratitude

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it is getting harder to know the real story - nicely said. Very fine song - like the lengthened words

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Really excellent lyrics here; I totally agree.
And yes, I am getting old too.
That fuzzy bass line is really nice.
Yeah, lots of hidden noises swirling around back there.
Really catchy chorus for sure.
Good job.