6/6 The Call

6/6 The Call

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Liner Notes: 

The Explorers all get the call. It's time to return to the SCB as something is amiss in the world of Sibir. It's time to get to work....

To be continued in FAWM 2021.

See you then Smile

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I love the gritty sound. A bass drum would kick it off, maybe before the first minute. But I like the groovy drums. Nice theme.

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I knew the relative calm couldn't last. I just knew it. I get the feeling of the Explorers reluctantly returning to the SCB from their various wanderings as the call comes to them.

Looking forward to the story continuing in February!

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I love that beat, it creates a fantastic groove for everything else to play around. The synth tones are dark and brooding, I LOVE what you are doing with them.

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Lots of energy and potential you've built up in this it. It definitely screams "adventure on the horizon."