5/6 Marina D'Angelis and The Light at Osprey Shoals

5/6 Marina D'Angelis and The Light at Osprey Shoals

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Liner Notes: 

Marina takes a stroll to the outskirts of the Lantern District and discovers an old light house. It's still in use and is fully automated, but has fallen into disrepair. She climbs to the top to look across the Osprey Shoals. She wonders just how far one can see. The sounds of the water and sea birds fade as she continues up.

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I'm picturing the view of a harbor and the ocean as I listen, visualizing the gulls Smile

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Wow, this has an incredibly large cinematic feel to it. It feels like something that could be used in a Carpenter film. I like the melody you are playing on the piano, there is haunting beauty to it. Nice work!

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Hey, those gulls sound familiar to me... were they also the ones at Pork Monocle's harbour? Anyway. As always, great tone painting and I feel really on edge for the explorers... Gabrielsburg is interesting but... it can't just all be safe and fun to explore?

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Awe man, I've been missing the ocean so much this summer. You are very good at creating atmospheric storytelling.

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You capture the watery feel of the waves as the piece flows along very well.