4/6 Amara Rubik and The Under City

4/6 Amara Rubik and The Under City

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Liner Notes: 

Amara has heard about the cavernous spaces located below Gabrielsburg. Full of conduits, steam pipes, old train tunnels and large cathedral like spaces. She can't resists and goes off to explore.

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Can hear the wind rustling through the tunnels, and the rich resonance of variable spaces. What an adventure!

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Dark and mysterious and atmospheric. I like how you manage you convey space in your music. That's not always easy to do. It's tone painting like they used to do in the early 20th century... impressionism, and symbolism.

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Hey thanks! That’s been one of our goals with music. To sort of paint with sound. I feel like it adds quite a bit if you can hear and visualize the space. I’m so glad this came across so well!

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Very visual sort of composing going on. It feels like the picture you've described. Something I've long appreciated about these Explorers albums!

Still, I have some serious misgivings about all the explorers separating from each other right now... it's not going to end well.

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You capture the sound of exploring a new and mysterious location well, can see the images of walking through these places and the fascination as progressing.