3/6 Julius McIlwain - A Visit to the Lantern City

3/6 Julius McIlwain - A Visit to the Lantern City

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Liner Notes: 

Julius, heading off on his own, has heard about the Lantern District. Supposedly it's a wondorous sight to see the district all lit up at night with lanterns of all sorts strung across the streets and buildings.

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Very tastefull. I like how it develops and changes but is the same, just like the ocean. It makes me want to buy a saiing boat. Nice touch with the acc guitar and acc drums.

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The piano with the reverb over all those darker sounds... luminosity in darkness. And the long tones in the accompaniment give a sense of grandeur. This is really descriptive.

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This music feels ethereal like paper lanterns floating in a night sky under a full moon.

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Really nice atmosphere and the drum transition goes well, can see all the lanterns shimmering in the night on buildings.