2/6 Andro Boyers Visits the Ossuary Club

2/6 Andro Boyers Visits the Ossuary Club

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Liner Notes: 

Andro Boyers along with The Explorers two handlers from the SCB. (Bowen and Dominica) take a night off to spend some time at one of their favorite spots in Gabrielsburg.

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If the Ossuary Club doesn't turn out to be a spectacularly over-the-top Goth nightclub with a killer PA, dripping with neon and Russian gangsters, I don't want to know. That chiptune breakdown that starts at 1:36 is a wonder.

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Sounds like walking intro a crazy crowded club (remember when we could do that?) and taking in all the sensory input. I dig the cool video-game-effects sounds, too. Awesome!

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Oooh! Love that buzz! This is so different from the first! There's a definite steam punk sensibility to this. The Tesla coil sounds and steam engines definitely lend to that. Like a poorly wired steam tunnel crypt full of vampires.

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Not the sort of club I'd be hanging out in but hopefully nothing ill happens to AB while he's in the Ossuary Club.

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Great club vibes, seems all together interesting and dangerous inside this club.

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Wow, this is solid rock. +1 on all the clubs I never went to kind of comments but there is a sense of a pending epic battle.