1/6 The Explorers: Welcome to the S.C.B

1/6 The Explorers: Welcome to the S.C.B

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Liner Notes: 

The explorers begin their new chapter as they take their first steps through their new home in Gabrielsburg.

For the full explorers story and all past episodes surf on over to https://aeye.bandcamp.com/

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You had me at the opening sequence with the treated piano. But this gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and starts borrowing from all sorts of different genres and each choice is absolutely on the money. Sod the film; I'd be in the audience just for the music. Glorious!

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Love this, and as I'm listening, already anticipating what comes next. I like the mix of futuristic electronica and sci-fi radio-show intro. On to part 2!

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This is lush and gorgeous! Love that hammered dulcimer sound in the beginning. You build up a lot of suspense. Love the sound editing on the spoken parts. I'm definitely going to be putting you on my watchlist so I can listen to thing, even if I can't get it all today.

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This sounds huge, really nicely done. Love the classic style voice over. Big sounds on top of big sounds. .

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Circling back to the hair-raising beginning of the new chapter. Digging the spoken word tour guide passage.....

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A truly cinematic opener! Powerful stuff. I'll echo the observations about the instrumentation and genres. Hooray for the Explorers!

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Nice to see a new Explorers piece, opens nicely and sets the stage with great sounds.