Under The Clouds

Under The Clouds

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Liner Notes: 

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Nice piece. like the build and changes, good rhythm all trough. nice

Very cool! Right off the bat this got my attention. This sounds like a song for an aerial type level. I love those synths that come in around 1:23, very cool pickup! Lots of nice sections throughout this piece.

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like Kurtis, I was caught up in this right from the start. And you take us many places without losing the intensity of that opening groove. i also like the way the synths open things up .the toms, functioning almost like kettle drums, provide an inspired endng

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Bang! right from the start. I love this. The little synth runs at 0:49 were very Chick Corea sounding. Also hearing some Rick Wakeman-like sounds. Wow, this brought me somewhere...

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You seem to have taken sounds from the '80's (even the '90's) & given them a modern application. A great journey that I enjoyed a lot - especially the "darker" ending.

See You In The Shadows…

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Yea it's got a good feel throughout lots of different pieces mixed, seamless. A nice reminder for me to get back to synth basics.