Imposter Syndrome Lullaby

Imposter Syndrome Lullaby

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Liner Notes: 

Ah yes, the traditional song about powering through songwriting. This goes out to anyone who's ever been paralyzed by fears of creative inadequacy. Though it feels counterintuitive, always create in the face of fear. Sing this to your inner demons and hopefully it will put them to sleep long enough for you to make something without their constant meddling.

Bari uke D A A D


Inspiration might be lacking
Nothing much to say
Overwhelming writing tracking
Do it anyway

Don't hold out for pure perfection
It just gets in the way
Brace yourself for stiff rejection
Do it anyway

Do it anyway

Bear the weight of your potential
Come and join the fray
Though it be inconsequential
Do it anyway

Don't give in to inner voices
Tired and cliché
Choose to make more joyful noises
Do it anyway

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Such gentle, cheerful wisdom. I feel like Mary Poppins is delivering me some life lessons, and I am quite prepared to believe her*. The soaring 'Do it anyway' followed by the mellifluous hum is just divine.

Some adventurous feminine rhymes, but you make them sound like the most natural port of call. That potential/inconsequential couplet in particular... utterly velveteen. I actually replayed that line a few times, because it was like listening to that Welsh meteorologist who wove the full name of Llanfair into a sentence without taking a breath.

*As a chronic sufferer of this syndrome, who generally refuses to accept any contravening evidence.

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This song is both beautiful and spot-on about the process of powering through the songwriting process.

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Stephen got the Mary Poppins element right. I can imagne Julie Andrews singng it to a group of chudren as they buzz around at various creative endeavers. Very cute melody and appealing delivery.

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Nice Biggrin As others have said, a wonderful melody & a great performance.

See You In The Shadows…

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Nice rhymes, good rhythm, excellent songwriting. Following your own advice here. Thanks for that Carley.

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Right on time for me.
The vocal melody is delicate and fragile, and your voice takes care of it and carries it along. The encouraging nature of the lyrics, the subtle lullaby feel of the uke, and the crisp and clear vocals really drive this to the heart. Its something that can indeed clear out the clouds of creation-doubt. It could be giving any kind of encouraging advice and would be effective due to it sounds.
This is really nice.

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Thanks for the inspiring advice, something I succumbed to for many years. You've put if all together excellently, vocals and finger-style playing are immaculate. The humming at the end is a nice touch.