I Dreamed I Was Dead

I Dreamed I Was Dead

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Liner Notes: 

A little late to the skirmish party, but I was working at 3 pm, and this was indeed written and recorded in about 20 minutes.
I'm so glad "dream" was the theme, because I really did have this dream the other night, and now I get to sing about it.
And, pretty blatantly, I used the tune of the old folk song "John Henry."


I woke up early this morning
so happy to be lying in my bed
so grateful to be alive
cause last night I dreamed I was dead
Last night I dreamed I was dead

I dreamed I was in a kitchen
on the table was some wine and some bread
Didn’t know how I had wound up there
but I had a funny feeling I was dead
Yeah, I had a funny feeling I was dead

Fella came in and sat down with me
and this is what he said:
ain’t no heaven and there ain’t no hell
ain’t no big deal being dead
this is what it’s like when you are dead

I was feeling kinda peaceful
I wasn’t feeling any dread
Fella said, son you run your race
now here we are just being dead
This is it, just being dead

I guess I coulda stayed there
but I’m glad I’m here singing instead
now I ain’t so afraid to die
cause last night I dreamed I was dead
Last night I dreamed I was dead

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That's a most detailed memory of a dream. All I remember is the general aura. You do credit to John Henry with this new take. New words to old melodies is a tried and true technique. Good skirmishing.

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Great work in 20 minutes - and that's some dream!

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Fantastic skirmish! Love the flow to this. And great details about the dream of death.

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Wonderful skirmishing! Folk is a perfect genre for these great lyrics. I thoroughly enjoyed the listen! Smile

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so you dreamed on August 1st, or thereabouts, about being 'gratefully dead'... and as i bet you know, that day was Jerry Garcia's birthday ! Smile hmmm, I wonder if unconsciously, something clicked, or maybe the guy in your dream had a big beard (and a guitar?)

fun and off-handly profound song, as only you can do! Smile

nice work!

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This is great! The simple folk arrangement works perfectly for these lyrics. I really like the structure of the verses. Really nice take on the skirmish.

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very good. there are only so many progressions we all use them. clever to get from a dream

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I was expecting a murder ballad-type thing, but this happy tune is so much better.
Really great lyrics here.
I can imagine The Dead rockin' this one for sure.
Nicely done.