Dream (skirmish)

Dream (skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

This quick one-verse song was written in response to a skirmish prompt, where you were asked to write something to the title 'dream' and/or about a dream you had.

I went with something topical/political, based on the Sinclair Lewis quote from the 1930's about fascism coming to the US disguised in a flag and a cross. the rest just kind of wrote itself.

Once I wrote the lyric, it seemed to be something that needed 'stately piano chords'. I'm not much of a piano player, and only have this little 40-key casio here, but figured I'd give it a go- recorded live, piano and vocal into my iPhone mic, then cleaned up a little bit in audacity.

i'm guessing opinions will be divided on the lyric, so be it. I think the events of the last few months only make it scarier. Maybe this song needs a second verse that can only be written sometime after the election, to see what happens? Smile


I had a dream that fascism came to the USA
Disguised in the flag and the cross
And the protections we had from the Constitution
Most of those it turns out we had lost
Most of all, I dreamed of disappointment
A bridge too far we may have crossed
Not much time to redeem ourselves
And reclaim some of what was lost

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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Great sketch! And the piano playing is not too shabby, it’s direct and supports the vocals, and timed well! I believe you could add in some cool drumbeat to this to add to the patriotic style Smile maybe with some cool sounding tingles like a lullaby, to make it sound a little bust more dreamy - this how I envision it anyway. That’s the sign of a good song, when the listener makes their own interpretation in their head. It is to me anyway, it inspires you in a way, as a musician. Great job!

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Decent piano. The lyric is open to interpretation. As you have noted previously, you and I might not interpret it the same but I like it none the less. Good job on a quick write.

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Ha. Hadn't read your notes and I started listening going... Sinclair Lewis! Nice historical nod.

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Love the keys on this. Great take on the prompt although that is a very scary dream!

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Nicely done! You say an awful lot and it came out good!

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Great skirmish writing! (And scary as hell.). Excellent use of the Sinclair Lewis quote. Nice one!

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The piano is a bit Beatles-esque and I love it. The vocal delivery veers a little into spoken-word, which is a nice contrast to the steady piano beat. Cool take on the skirmish.

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I'm hearing the Beatles influence in the piano part too, both in the electric piano sound and the alternating root notes and chords. Nice sixth chord there at the end!

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Well, first of all, that is a nifty piano sound - has that mid-80s Brent Mydland sound. (You mentioned Garcia's birthday in your comment about my dream song, so I'm glad I can come back with a Grateful Dead reference!)
Powerful lyric, made even more so because it's so concise and you perform it with a sort of nursery-rhyme delivery.

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oh i was sure i commented on this, never mind.. really packs a lot into a short verse, that piano is steady and for a single take all together even better, i think it's a great idea to have a second verse after the event. and also btw i like the change you made in the recording to a flag and a cross, i think that is much stronger than "the"