Accidental Dreamer

Accidental Dreamer

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Liner Notes: 


host corinne54
prompt Dream

Been playing with this guitar part for a couple of days but didn't have the B section or a melody. Plenty to fix and add but I'm way late already. Partly because tuning a 12 string takes a long time.

Guitars: '69 Martin D12-20
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record

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I love love love that industrial drone!!! It's even got a steady rhythm like the old Gaelic songs do, so tanners and workers can keep time properly... Gives it an edge that I really dig!!

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This pulled me in and I don't want to leave! Love it

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Love that trippy, slightly off-kilter 7/8 time! This is a really ear-catching sonic tapestry of textures. Nice one!

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Love that heavy bass. It feels like it’s just behind the beat and trying to catch up. Some nice guitar squeezed in there too amongst the synths. Very cool.

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hypnotic rhythm and nicely done!!! the whole thing hangs together nicely! I always wanted to write in unusual time signatures, but my brain keeps 4/4'ing everything, it seems!

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Nice one. The bass anchors everything - otherwise we'd float away into the dream with you!

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Wow! This is really gorgeous! I love how the music ebbs and flows so smoothly. It is very relaxing.

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This is mesmerizing. The 12 string really makes the song and adds that sense of dreaminess. Not to mention the interesting chord changes throughout the piece. This is really cool.

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Lush, exotic - impressive, even more so because you're skirmishing. I love the sounds you use to create melody.