0650902020 Instrumental

0650902020 Instrumental

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Liner Notes: 

I guess trying to find some chords for a riff before text and melody makes that last part extra difficult. So no lyrics for this one.

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Can imagine some 2010s indie rock vocals over this, Get the impression it’s an ode to older times when the music was innocent and had that edge, the one that people at the right place at the right time would sink their Welleys into rain soaked mud as they sway to the music, a live gig where no dampening or thundershowers can dull the mood,, youth and the future, rolled into one. This sorta music makes me wanna sing, and riff to it with improv vocals with a dashing of the libtertines and the kooks in my head, and my attempt comes out as not quite as pure as their execution. Thank you for a great nostalgia hit, the guitar work is on form, the drums complement and the bass is supportive in a progressive way. I wish it wouldn’t end...! Biggrin

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I like the swaying rhythm here. The bass is tasty, too, warm and melodic.