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Joanne Gabriel - Forward

Liner Notes: 

Contextual song.

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And yooouuuu're baaaaaaaack!!!!!!! This is, impressively, has all the elements I associate with your music, epic lush landscapes, scenic layers of sound, atmospheres and moods, that mysterious siren voice that speaks so much in its own vocabulary and yet it feels novel. Really forward as you are taking a new step within your own realities taking all that you had but shinning for a beautiful new light. I could dance and meditate to this in equal amounts and both would result in marvelous trance

Very compelling track! There's great atmosphere and the ooo's are fantastic. I love when that part comes in at 2:30. It sounds awesome! Everything on this track sounds excellent and it was a really enjoyable listen. You created a great mood here.

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This is lush and fabulous, really mesmerizing. A very enjoyable dip in a semilucid pool. NIce vid too.

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Une surprise de vous voyez ici, cette année! I'm glad I finally tried this 50-90 thing & can hear this new amazing song of yours. Your voice sounds amazing on this track. I hope it wasn't too hard on your ears to record it. The music is lush & epic (as we have all come to expect from you). Another chapter in the ever-evolving universe of Joanne Gabriel Biggrin

On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

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The way these songs evolve and grow, but keep their sense of space is really wonderful.

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This is sweet! I love the vocals, though I kept wanting to add, "Kids these days...never put two toms on the bass (drum)." Smile Seriously, this is some delicious dream pop, just gorgeous

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The incrmental development into those final glorious harmonies was a beautiful trip, one which I’d take over and over again.

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Really nice opening, has a lot of room and atmosphere to it, the percussion has a subtle touch that works well, and vocals great as always, the melody that cuts through is fantastic!

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30 seconds in and I'm hooked...This is so beautiful!
It takes me to wonderful places.