Still Feel You

Still Feel You

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Liner Notes: 

I started out with one idea but this happened instead.


Still Feel You
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You're etched in my memory
Like an ancient lithograph
I can smell the scent of you
I can hear your laugh

You are carved in my heart
Like poems written in books
I can see your shining eyes
I can sense your looks

So how can you be gone
How will I go on
Your death cannot seem real
When I can still

Death came suddenly
And I am utterly stunned

You are ingrained in my soul
Like love letters savored
I can feel heart beating
I can taste all your flavors

Repeat chorus

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Lots of senses depicted in this, creates a more radiant piece that on first read gives me the impression that each time I would hear it if recorded, it would bring out a little more at a time, and be replayable more and more over time.. would love to write something like this! Well done! Biggrin

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I love this, it's somber but short enough that you aren't beating the sadness into me. These are beautiful lyrics about loss. I'd love to arrange these if you'd like?