You've Got My Number

You've Got My Number

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Liner Notes: 

I need to work on the outro - kind of a shitty ending.


You call me an old fart,
you say I'm dumb as a drummer.
My only response is -
you've got my number.

You call me a bald-headed mo-fo,
you say being with me is a bummer.
My only response is -
you've got my number.

I learned a long time ago
to accept that I'm kind of an oddball.
So all your insults and name calling
don't bother me at all.

[some inst. interlude]

You say I'm vindictive,
you say I couldn't be pettier.
My only response is -
you've got my number.

Yeah, you've got my number,
and I've got your number too.

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I like the play on words with the title phrase. Clever turns in the phrases.

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I got a kick out of this. Smile It's quite clever. I don't mind the intro at all. It kind of fits in with the notion of 'it takes one to know one' OR What kind of person/friend would say or think that about someone?