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Liner Notes: 

I haven't used the celeste yet, so here I paired it with strings and bassoon and a cool dynamic synth thingy.

I'm cool with constructive criticism, so if you feel so inclined, you're welcome to critique.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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that celeste- what a cool sound! it was used in pop recordings back in the '40's (early frank sinatra) and this sonic landscape is a little reminiscent of that celeste-with-orchestra thing.... really nice !
.....and wonderfully melodic. That playful middle bit is fun, too.

nice work!

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What a pretty and unusual piece...I really enjoyed the listen!

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I like the positive vibe, the bouncy music and playfulness of it all. I especially like how it begins....it's a feeling of wonder....and builds. Nice!

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I would have used a Rhodes piano sound for a part like that, I think, but that's just my habits. When the bassoon comes in it rises to another level, and the strings are... nice, you know, as strings are.

It sounds good, but my criticism would be the B section is a bit of a let down. That steady 8th-note rhythm from the celeste might have been more dynamic if the strings were sort of driving things rhythmically in that section, instead of 8ths on the celeste, pretty prominent. Maybe if the focus was on interplay between the string part and the bassoon, and drop the celeste to a very low level?

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it is reminscent of some of donovand prettiest, most lyrical songs. writer in the sun, for instance.

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really love the celeste, they have two in the studio downstairs, a sweet 1950's Jenco tabletop celeste and a small orchestral model, that sound is so sweet and magical. Really nice and dreamy track, I would have tightened up the bassoon and string parts in the B section a couple of places, sounds a little bit off rhythmically a few places.

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SWEET! liked the way the celeste and bassoon intertwine - Just had a little away as it inspired a lyric, but did enjoy!