Who Will Tend Her Roses

Who Will Tend Her Roses

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Liner Notes: 

I saw an elderly woman tending to her flowers today and the title popped into my head and wouldn't leave me alone. Smile


Who Will Tend Her Roses
© 2020 Cindy Prince

She is getting up in years now
Doesn't want to die alone
Loves her garden and roses
Loves her cottage home

She can still manage fairly well
If she doesn't hurry round
She worries what will happen
After she is heaven bound

Who would tend her roses
Would they just dry up and die
Would anyone even notice
When they'd drive by
Who would water them carefully
Who would whisper to them
Who would treat each one personally
Time and time again
Who would tend her roses...roses

Her roses have kept her going
Since her husband passed away
They are her pride and joy
And she talks to them every day

She tries not to think about it
No use worrying every day
Maybe someone will someday
Put roses on her grave

Repeat chorus

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Such a real tale for so many people! I love the title, i imagined it from it and your lyric filled in the rest of the story lovely.

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A beautiful and well-constructed lyric, love the title and you tell a touching story. This was both of my grammas, my aunt, and some ladies in my neighborhood that I say hello to when out walking my dog. The last 2 lines of the bridge really hit me. There's a sadness but I see it overall as a happy and positive lyric.

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Oh very poignant. I see all kinds of images in your lines there. It makes me think about the special things people have to offer this world.

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Aw, this is so lovely, Cindy. The title alone drew me right in. You set the story up so nicely. Smile This lyric will be a gift for a collaborator. Wink