[Piano Solo] Progress... Slow, But Progress....

[Piano Solo] Progress... Slow, But Progress....

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Progress... Slow, But Progress... - Nerd Jealous [August 2020]

Liner Notes: 

I've been seeing progress in my hobbies, both within music and outside of it. I chose this title for that reason.
It's an improvised solo on the piano. This was the second take.
If I get to 90 songs or not, this has been my first challenge and I knew it would be harder than I expected it to be.
Either way, it's got some songs out of me I never would have done hadn't it been for 50-90 and 100-180.
I've come a long way, there's still some to go. But I'll get there Smile

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That's what 50/90 is all about. I really don't think the number is the point. It's just a good insane goal to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of. There's some good material in this improv that you could definitely turn into a song.

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I love the interestingly-authentic sound of the old piano.. I like real sounds.. The improvisation is cool..