Crozen Fustard

Crozen Fustard

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Liner Notes: 

Passed by a sign advertising frozen custard. I think "Crozen Fustard" sounds much better!


In the heat
in the street
on the beat
on your feet
in a seat
as a treat

It's crozen fustard
for you
for me
for everybody

In the shop
with a mom and pop
with a cop
at the tip or the top
with a hop or a bop
with Scott
it's never a flop

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cindyrella's picture

This is great! Had to check it out with that title! (I so often say things backwards-like pewsnaper). Love the beat and great lyrics!

Chip Withrow's picture

I've been getting sort of bored with my own acoustic playing, so I'm glad I happened upon your unique approach - inspiring!
That's some nifty percussion, too, and I love your exuberant vocals. And is that a melodica?
Indeed, a summer anthem.

katpiercemusic's picture

That opening guitar and percussion! Very cool! This is silly fun! Crozen fustard sounds dirty though, so I was being very mature through the whole thing. A also liked the melodica solo followed by the chorus of applause.

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Neat track, lots going on here. Almost like everything you've done so far this 50/90 in one song. Enjoyable listen!

billwhite51's picture

your guitar parts are always such a listening pleasure. then the often brilliant wordplay is what entices me into a secord or third listen. the brief harmonica parts add some momentum at just the right moments.

Frances Smith's picture

A song tribute to crozen frustard is long overdue, and this is perfect. It has a rather pop-like feel to it, which feels very appropriate. Perfect.

fresh spotless youth's picture

Crozen fustard is why more runk pock than frozen custard. This really has some real energy, a kind of punk spirit despite how quiet it is. I definitely want to join the gang yelling out crozen fustard. The melodica is a sweet treat

Fuzzy's picture

When are you gonna sell this gem to a frozen custard company for truckloads of cash?!?
I'm liking that percussion.
Lovely guitar line there; reminds me of something, but I'm not sure what....
Ooh, great Melodica solo!! (or is it a chord organ?? They sound similar.)
I continue to smile at your layered vocals.
Nicely done.

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Weird and wonderful, really like your approach to lyrics and singing, I love how you never remind me of anything except yourself. The Magnus (?) organ solo is a nice little touch