The Uniondale Ghost

The Uniondale Ghost

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Liner Notes: 

Marthie sent me a link to the ghost story that is well known in her part of the world.


The Uniondale Ghost
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Near Easter in 1968
A young couple was on a drive
And though the young man lived
His fiancee didn't survive

Near the town of Uniondale
On the winding roadway
Her ghost is still seen at night
So the ones that know her say

She asks for a ride
She'll open your door
Right by your side she'll be
Then in one quick second
According to legend
She vanishes easily
Vanishes so easily

Sometimes you'll hear her laughter
Chills will climb your spine
You won't be the same after
Once you cross over that line

Those who've given her a ride
Warn others of doing the same
If you see her drive on past
That Uniondale ghost of fame

Repeat chorus

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nicely done! which Uniondale? there's one in NY State, on long island.

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I love a good ghost story in verse! There are so many around the world and this one is wonderful!