Mole Catcher

Mole Catcher

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Liner Notes: 

Ended up doing this with one hand behind my back, so to speak; I had to put the guitar down this afternoon because it was hurting too much to play it Sad

So instead I went down the iZotope VocalSynth rabbit hole. At least this one ended up being mercifully short.

You ain't seen me, right?


Tinker, Tailor,
Soldier, Spy
In-house trainer
Don't ask why

Whack that mole

Who's to say
we're in the right?
We've lost the goal
We just want to fight

You're on my side
I'm on yours
Can open doors

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I had to check out a song with that title! This is raw and eerie and cool!

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i remember wack that mole. Some diverse music but it pulls together really well. Nice one.

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if they ever make a horror movie from a le carre novel..well, you have all the elements of a perfect sountrack together,

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Oh my gosh I really love this.
Your vocals are getting in to [@Freaks of Nosomo 9] territory.
Super great vocals.
Oh yeah, so much energy here.
A weirdo metal tune for sure.
You should do more "Experimental"!!
(Gotta say, though, I'm a little disappointed it wasn't about real moles, like the kind in your lawn Wink ).