Sing to the Goddess

Sing to the Goddess

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Liner Notes: 

This is a morph of 'Goddess to No One' by @mikehex: *43047

I wrote a lyric based on a tweaked version of Mike's song, and my chord sequence also took Mike's as a basis but then simplified considerably as the song developed. It ended up quite different but I think the seeds of the previous song are still clearly visible!


the corners of my mouth are rising
with the bedroom blind
the silence comes in waves
as though the sun has never shined
Em Bm C
on the empty seats of the stadium

there was a time that I could draw a crowd
but that is gone
the tickets stay unsold
as if the sun has never shone
and still I stand unbending like titanium

D Bm C
Em Bm
still I sing to the goddess, like I'm someone
I sing like anyone can hear
though my voice sometimes cracks
the sound that echoes back
ensures that I will never disappear

and somehow my voice resonates
inside this empty room
on every empty pedestal
a thousand flowers bloom
perhaps it doesn't matter
that these songs go unheard
the empty pen is quieter
than the unspoken word

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coolparadiso's picture

really cool. love this style. great vocal and great use of instruments coming in! very good lyric. really enjoyable listen

mikehex's picture

I love where you go with this, that chorus grabs on and the theme of change (even decline) without regret or bitterness is so effectively shown. The triumph here takes it beyond the melancholy of the earlier song, just a great take all around.

billwhite51's picture

i love the way you develop your melodies.....and your ace vocals notch them up several steps..

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

Love the dreaminess of this. Those harmonies are killer! The organ adds a nice touch. I really enjoy the lyrics as well. This is excellent.

fresh spotless youth's picture

This sounds like a song written just for me, for my sensibilities anyway. (It's play again.) It think it's glorious in every respect. That last verse especially is the sort of thing I love. What else is art but the making of a thousand goddam flowers bloom when you're all alone in that empty room? Transcendent chorus! The empty pen/unspoken word lines will be my (press play again) koan for the day. I'm loving the low singing you've been doing lately. This would be a standout on any Magnetic Fields albums. Keep on singing to that Goddess

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Excellent track, the guitars are wonderful. Love the harmonics and extra details. Great vocals on this track. There is great space in the mix and I love how it goes from chorus to verse 2. This is just a really great song!

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Lovely track, lots of nice details and development in the arrangement that keeps it interesting throughout , really like that lush and dreamy organ and the crisp electric guitars. Would perhaps have used an electric guitar for the harmonics, the acoustic guitar doesn't sit quite right in the mix, but probably just a level issue. The vocal harmonies on the chorus are also very nice.