Love Speak

Love Speak

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Hahhh! -- I completely forgot about this track. Looking at stats, then the BC page and was like, "what's this again" Smile hahhh!

Tso, derItis, and derUgo!

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Love the playfulness of the lyrics, particularly when you really stick the rhythm after 2:00 or so. Digging the nifty guitar overdubs, too; would have liked to hear them a little further forwards in the mix. The mix is... well, I found it a bit challenging, if I'm honest. I dunno if Bandcamp's compression algorithm is being particularly unkind, but everything comes through concentrated around 100 to 200 Hz, and the mix more or less disappears above the low mids. It makes things very "woofy." Shame, because it's a cracking track!

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Cool guitar and vocals that seem to enjoy delivering those lyrics. There is a gritty and gamey feel to this which is really fun.

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yeah its an interesting lyrc - i still think you are in a more gentle delivery phase but i like its. the distant instrument is interesting!

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I totally understand why this is a favorite of yours. That staccato rhythm within the melody works well with the overall arraignment. This has a swagger about it that is undeniably confident.