Take Me Back (and Drop Me Off)

Take Me Back (and Drop Me Off)

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Liner Notes: 

Thanks as always to Stephen Wordsmith for letting me employ his lyrics

I probably spent far too long on this but I am quite pleased with how it's turned out.
Nothing particularly unique but just what is hopefully a decent pop song with a catchy chorus.


I'll take the slings and arrows
If you take me back and drop me off
I'll bear the blows and turn the other cheek

I'll face the day without a shirt
Upon my back and pockets full
Of holes and crumbs of bread to last the week

I'll make the bad decisions
And I'll suffer every consequence
While seeing the silver lining in the cloud

I'll stake my reputation
On a life of disrepute
And I will make my mother anything but proud

Take me back and drop me off
For everyone I ever loved
Was here and still alive and still with me

I'll give up all my riches
And I'll give up all my... girls
Yeah, you can have all of my illest-gotten gains

I'll toss 'em like they're holding down
My soul in fiery purgatory
Enjoy my every pleasure for your pains


And I don't care how far I've come
From where I used to be
I'd rather go through hell with them
Than paradise with me

I'll take the slings and arrows
If you take me back and drop me off
I'll bear the blows and turn the other cheek


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Well, I'll have this stuck in my head-maybe forever! So catchy, so good! Stephens lyrics always amaze me and I think you did the best job on them!
Awesome collab!

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We always spend too long but it's worth it with a catchy tune which this is. Very bouncy upbeat, very pop, very good! One of those really good collabs where one can't imagine the lyrics without the music or the music without the lyrics. Why can't I download this, grrrr. Lyrics: while there's the sadness in them, they're not mournful, just a nostalgic wish as it comes across here. Better than a dirge (which they would also have fitted)

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As with many others here, I'm a huge fan of Tim and Stephen... but, when even Tim says he is quite pleased, well that means this should be a "can't miss" song to give a listen to.
I gave it a listen, and I too am quite pleased. Congrats on another fine collaboration, worthy of being part of your "collaboration album".

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yes a very catchy pop song excellent delivery of an excellent lyric. as John says if Tims is happy we know its a winner!

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A wonderful tune perfectly suited to Stephen's wistful lyric. Great work, you two!

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Musical alchemical magic.
The music perfectly captures the spirit of the lyrics

My muse has found a place to hide and get away from all the madness of this world. I am not so lucky.

So....I come here to listen to your music and I am catapulted to a place of joy, where I can be spellbound by lyrics and gorgeous unexpected musical changes and sounds.

Thank you, guys!

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This is dangerously close to a perfect pop song. One of the few where I've listened and thought 'this deserved better lyrics'. Thank you for elevating them so.

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Super solid, catchy, classic pop/rock. Stephen's lyrics are always a treat, and you've interpreted them so well. What a great listen.

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What a very sad chorus. That hurts. But it's done with such finesse and the music and vocal are so damn good that it eases the pain. But it's still there. This lyric is... well, it's too damn good but it still hurts. There's a song called "you can't hide that redneck under all that hippie hair." This song is something like that... "You can't hide the sadness under all that beautiful art...."

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Wow, I loved these lyrics over on Mr. Wordsmith's page, and you have brought them to life in the most wonderful fashion! Catchy, memorable melody, especially the chorus!! You really did a bangup job on the performance and recording too! This is a really delightful song! What a wonderful collaboration to produce something so special!

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Stephen's lyrics have clearly inspired you--this might be the catchiest tune I've heard so far this 50/90. SUPER commercial (I mean that in a nice way) and catchy--as almost everyone has mentioned.

GREAT vocal!!

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Brilliant team effort. The music and lyrics go so well together, but you know this by now.