Monster Screams

Monster Screams

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Liner Notes: 

Built around a simple riff loop, lots of sloppy guitar tracks, and some monster vocal effects (performed by me, modulated by garage band) for flavour. Kept it short, no real chorus hook just a plod along through some story about being stalked by a monster. I think the narrator gets caught at the end.

Liked using a whammy pedal to emulate a keyboard jangle. And also to pitch down for a fuzzy bass. Went for a duel-ing solos left/right effect.

Another silly song, 2 down, more to finish.


When I look into your eyes,
It's no surprise that your soul is,
Darker than mine.

So I sink into myself.
I'm happy in my cell I'm not here
to excel.

When you're not welcome in your dreams,
It doesn't help to always be woken,
By a scream.

By a scream.

By a scream.


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that bass line sounds like a variation on something by canned heat. classc blues rock riffing and a lot of monstrous extras. really enjoyed thus monster boogie.

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Love the guitars here. Very enjoyable, adds a little to the darkness of the lyric.

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This is the sort of thing I love noodling, to my wife and daughter's dog's despair. Yep, my dreams aren't to good lately. I hear echoes of SPirit in the Sky here, that's a baaaad dream!

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Love the groove you have going here, very late '60s, great fuzz on the rhythm & lead guitar. Cool vocal. Nice job.

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Cool vibe, from the first note it has a bit of monster tonality. Monster mash-ish perhaps. I like that weird ring-modded/envlope weirdness guitar sound behind the vocal, very weird (perfect).

Not welcome in your own dreams, hah!

Nice guitar bits, the dueling leads are great.

Like that ending growl thing. The growl/roar things earlier could even be a bit louder, I think .