The Planet of Candy

The Planet of Candy

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Liner Notes: 

impovisation with estrella del carmen


lots of them in a very short time

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Sounds like you have a lot of fun improvising with the little one Biggrin

Enjoyed the playfulness of this track a lot.

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Haha that was fun. I honestly had a different first mental image for an “ocean of Coke” on planet candy, but I’m glad you had a SWEET time with this improv ditty.

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Those background noises make the candy planet seem like a kinda scary place.
Great lyrics and vocal delivery and treatment.
Seems like you two had a wonderfully fun time making this.
Some of your vocal stylings remind me a bit of some of Zappa's stuff.
That ending is fantastic.

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Such playfulness! The Planet of Candy is a good title! Conjures up so many ideas...the possibilities are endless and the play never ends. Love the ending!

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ha, a psychedelic kid's song! today's jerry garcia's birthday, perhaps his prankster spirit was out there in peru hanging out for you to access! Smile

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Great, sounds like you were both having lots of fun, and it sounds weird and lovely.